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About Us
Copts United website has been found by a group liberal enlightened group of people who care for the Coptic issue. The website generally concern with the Egyptian people and the Coptic issue in particular. The beginning was in 2004 by publishing the news of Zurich conference on 23rd September 2004 and then it developed to be a daily electronic paper. It mainly focuses on the national and Coptic issues in a serious attempt to help the Copts to get out of the situation of being deliberately debased by the political regime.

Services offered by the website
Copts United team, starting from the journalists and the reporters ending with the specialists, do not save an effort to bring the latest Coptic news of the governments oppressing practices with the Copts especially where the media is gagged by authorities to hide the truth. The reports are mostly accompanied by supporting documentation and photos. Obituary service is also offered via the website so as both Muslims and Christians can publish comforting words to their relatives or friends.

Copts United Website in English This website helps Egyptian migrants and new generations who live outside Egypt to be up to date with their mother lands latest news.

You also can serve your country through this website
Firstly: Going through the website helps in widening your knowledge as well as passing its address to friends for wider range of knowledge to Egyptians. Secondly: We welcome your articles, opinions or even your caricature and any contributions as we believe in the individuals role as an effective member in his society. Our motive is to defend all Egyptians regardless their religious belief.

At the end, dear citizen, lets go hand in hand for abetter future for our people and country.