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  • Monday ,09 December 2013

Presidential Advisor: Mansour has begun examining constitution


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Monday ,09 December 2013

Presidential Advisor: Mansour has begun examining constitution

CAIRO: Interim President Adly Mansour has begun examining the draft constitution since receiving it last Tuesday, Mansour’s Constitutional Advisor Ali Awad Saleh said.

Saleh told Youm7 that it has not yet been determined whether the draft requires amendments or not, nor has the president determined when the constitutional referendum will be held.
Saleh added that the roadmap remains the same, explaining that the president will determine whether parliamentary or presidential elections will be held first depending on what is compatible with the transitional period, after the examination of the draft constitution.
Saleh refused to comment on whether the president has the right to directly amend the draft without referring it to 50-member committee or not, saying that it is too early for this discussion.
On the other hand Cairo University Constitutional Law Professor Rafaat Fouda said that the president does not have the right to either amend the draft constitution himself, or refer it to 50-member committee to amend, since this would be considered interfering in the constitution.