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  • Tuesday ,10 December 2013

Nour Party says it will rally Salafi bloc to vote ‘yes’ in constitutional referendum

By-Almasry Alyoum

Copts and Poliltical Islam


Tuesday ,10 December 2013

Nour Party says it will rally Salafi bloc to vote ‘yes’ in constitutional referendum

The Salafi-oriented Nour Party has begun to rally Salafi leaders to garner support among the Salafi bloc for a “yes” vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum.

Salah Abdel Maaboud, member of the constitutional amendment panel representing the Nour Party, said, “The party launched a campaign to convince Salafi figures, like Mohamed Hassan and Mohamed Hussein Yaaqoub, of the the constitution.”
He added that the party will explain to them the articles on Islamic Sharia and the Nour Party’s efforts to preserve these articles.
Abdel Maaboud expressed that his party seeks, along with Salafi figures, the “rallying of the Egyptian people to support the constitution.”
According to Abdel Maaboud, thousands of posters were printed to support the constitution.
On Facebook and Twitter, the Nour Party posted the Constitutional Court´s explanations of the principles of Islamic Sharia. The Salafi Dawa also supported the ‘yes’ vote through its website.
Nour Party offices across the governorates also started a campaign on Saturday to allay ‘suspicions’ that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to form a link to the party.
Meanwhile, Youness Makhyoun, Nour Party chief, said, “The Brotherhood has frequently objected to Article 219 in the suspended constitution, claiming that the word ‘principles’ is enough to enact Sharia.” However, he said he was surprised by the Brotherhood’s attack on the constitution over the article being dropped.
Makhyoun added that his party “offered advice to the toppled President Mohamed Morsy, while in power, to carry out a constitutional reform and perform a cabinet reshuffle, but he stuck to his group’s opinion.”