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  • Wednesday ,11 December 2013

Mahlab: Constitution guarantees justice in housing


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Wednesday ,11 December 2013

Mahlab: Constitution guarantees justice in housing

CAIRO: Minister of Housing Ibrahim Mahlab said that article 78 of the new constitution states that the country provides citizens with the right to safe and sanitary housing, which guarantees social justice.

Mahlab added, during The International Conference for the Cooperatives Construction organized by the Ministry of Housing, that the authorities are moving forward towards developing the country and eliminating obstacles, which requires a clear view for the future, expressing the ambitions of Egyptians.
Mahlab stressed that good housing comes in the forefront of human needs, and that this is why the country is concerned with providing housing units for all people.
The government is aiming for more effective participation of the Cooperative Housing sector, which provides the people with thousands of housing units.
The Minister added that the government is working on granting housing for citizens through various steps, including providing lands for construction and improving legislations.
There is agreement between The General Authority for Construction and Housing Cooperatives and the New Urban Communities Authority to allocate lands for the first stage of cooperative housing, according to Mahlab.