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  • Friday ,20 December 2013

Terrorism and the Solution

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,21 December 2013

Terrorism and the Solution

Egypt is facing now a very severe enemy. Enemy which is hard to see and hard to deal with it. Egypt Now is facing a real terrorism. Egypt is facing also a new kind of terrorism. It didn’t witness it long time ago. There is no doubt that many foreign countries are interfering in Egypt now. There are many countries and groups supporting the militant groups in Sinai and many other districts in Egypt.

We will be deceiving ourselves if we just blame Muslims Brotherhood only for that Terrorism. There are many groups which are “ jihadist” are using this situation to attack the authorities and achieve chaos in Egypt. 
I believe that Muslims Brotherhood is responsible for some of these chaos but we will be not accurate if we believed that Muslims Brotherhood is the only key in that terrorism, however, we should recognize that to end this chaos as fast as possible, we have to go into two different directions not only one. 
The first direction we have to follow is to face this terrorism in all means, which include using the power to put an end to this chaos especially for the terrorism actions that aim the innocent people and police in the street. And this is need much support from all Egyptian and political groups as well as the military. 
Facing this terrorism will take a time, so we shouldn’t be frustrated if we saw a lot of casualties in the future. We shouldn’t forget that a lot of weapons have been smuggled from Libya and many border countries as well. And to catch all of these weapons will take time and a lot of support. 
The second direction I want to talk about is the political direction, There are many people might say how do you talk about political direction and with who. I believe that ending terrorism is not coming through security ways only. If we all back to the nineteenth of the last century and how the state could end the terrorism. 
The state would never end terrorism as this time without what we call at this time “ Moraggat” or “Reviews”. The state should work in something like that to explain where are the mistakes and the way to amend these mistakes in the future.