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  • Thursday ,26 December 2013

Police Officers Club demands urgent meeting with President


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Thursday ,26 December 2013

Police Officers Club demands urgent meeting with President

CAIRO: Spokesperson of the Police Officers Club Hisham Saleh demanded an urgent meeting with interim President Adly Mansour to discuss providing officers with weapons during the upcoming period “to combat terrorism.”

Saleh said in an interview on Dream 2 Channel on Tuesday that he demands to meet with Mansour, along with all the police officers’ representatives and some government officials, including the Minister of Finance.
He called on them to arm police officers during the upcoming period, stating that they “cannot afford to combat terrorism using only sticks.”
Saleh noted that the former chairman of the Supreme Council for Police Forces Maher Hafez has wide experience in the field of arming police authorities, which can be made use of.
He said that 124 police officers have died in the last six months, adding “We are still performing our duty towards the country with determination and faith, and the police officers are not looking for any compensation, due to the economic conditions in Egypt.”