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  • Thursday ,26 December 2013

Copts protest against their 50-member committee representatives


Copts and Poliltical Islam


Thursday ,26 December 2013

Copts protest against their 50-member committee representatives

CAIRO: A group of Coptic activists called for a protest Wednesday afternoon outside the Catholic Cathedral at Ibn Sanad against their representatives in the 50-member committee because they agreed to delete the word “civilian” in the governance sections.

The protest is against Bishop Paula, representative of the Orthodox Church in the committee; Bishop Antonios Aziz, representative of the Catholic Church; and Safwat Bayaadi, representative of the Evangelical Church.
The activists cited a video where Bishop Paula demands the deletion of the word civilian.
One organizer of the protest, Ayman Abdo, told Youm7 that the bishop also refuses to call for a “yes” vote to the constitution within churches, saying that it was not the church’s responsibility to do such thing.
Abdo added that using the phrase “according to regulations of the law” after articles in the rights and freedoms chapter of the constitution is “a disaster.”