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  • Tuesday ,31 December 2013

Politicians: Conducting presidential elections first will restore stability


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Tuesday ,31 December 2013

Politicians: Conducting presidential elections first will restore stability

CAIRO: Spokesperson of the Free Egyptians Party Shehab Wagih said that the party supports holding presidential elections first, to pave the way for restoring stability.

He noted, in statements to Youm7, Monday, that such a step does not violate the roadmap, as it will come with the consensus of the different political parties that approved the roadmap before.
He added that the six-month period designated for conducting both the parliamentary and presidential elections after the constitutional referendum is enough, adding that it comes in accordance with the new constitution drafted by the 50-member committee.
He added that conducting both parliamentary and presidential elections within six months would pave the way for restoring stability and security, and improving the economic situation.
Further, Tariq al-Tohamy, member of the high commission of the Wafd Party told Youm7 on Monday that holding the presidential elections first meets the demand of the political powers, and will terminate the state of chaos spread by the “terroristic Muslim Brotherhood.”
He noted that the Nour Party, which had taken up a different stance than the rest of the civil political powers, eventually issued a statement that the party leaders would agree with the rest of the political powers.