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  • Tuesday ,31 December 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood rejects terrorist designation


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Tuesday ,31 December 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood rejects terrorist designation

The Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement on Monday slamming the Egyptian government for designating it as "terrorist organization" because of the bombing of the Mansoura security directorate.

“The locals of Mansoura do not believe the Ministry of Interior's side of the story… the Muslim Brotherhood is innocent from this crime and the coup's cabinet is made a group of lying conspirators,” said the Muslim Brotherhood in a statement published on its official Facebook page.
The group rejected the interim cabinet’s designation of the Brotherhood as a “terrorist group.”
“The Ministry of Interior announced that it identified the bomber of the Daqahalia security directorate in the city of Mansoura, saying that he is from a militant Jihadist group,” the statement says.
Last Wednesday Ansar Bait El Maqids claimed responsibility for the Mansoura bombing that killed 15 and injured hundred. On the same day the Egyptian government designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and blamed it for the blast.