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  • Wednesday ,01 January 2014

124 killed, 1,740 injured by MB since June 30: Ibn Khaldun


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Wednesday ,01 January 2014

124 killed, 1,740 injured by MB since June 30: Ibn Khaldun

CAIRO: The Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies released a report Monday which stipulates the Muslim Brotherhood targeted government facilities in 65 different cases, killed 124 people, and injured 1,740 others since June 30

The center supports the government’s declaration of the Brotherhood as a “terrorist” organization and recommends the Brotherhood be included on a list of international “terrorist” organizations.
The report includes inflammatory statements made by Brotherhood leaders, alleged cases of torture from the Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nahda sit-ins, and reports on the exploitations of women and children in their demonstrations seeking to portray similarities between Egypt and the civil war in Syria.
“Members from the terrorist Brotherhood group attacked churches, police stations, security directorates in addition to schools and universities to suspend the academic year by scaring students and professors,” says the report.
As for Brotherhood’s Friday demonstrations, the report noted that such protests usually end with clashes, causing injuries and deaths.
The report references individual assaults, such as the targeting of journalists and former national salvation front member Khaled Dawad who accused some Brotherhood members of stabbing him.
According to a report issued on July 23 by Muslim Brotherhood without Violence — a movement that dissented from the group — Brotherhood members have detained about 670 dissident Brotherhood youths at Rabaa al-Adaweya, the Ibn Khaldun report said.