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  • Friday ,03 January 2014

Habib al-Adli should lead the Interior Ministry

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,03 January 2014

Habib al-Adli should lead the Interior Ministry

In a similar attack to bombing the Saints Church in Alexandria on New Year's Eve 2011, Mansoura Security Directorate was bombed causing 17 people to lose their lives and about 200 were wounded. In the Saints Church, 25 were killed, including children, and more than 70 were wounded.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood spread rumors that this Minister was responsible for destroying his ministry, breaking into prisons and setting 95 police stations on fire! Yet, he could find out the terrorists and announced their names in a press conference. Furthermore, people felt safe under his leadership.
However many people believed this nonsense, it became crystal clear now that the Muslim Brotherhood are responsible for all these accidents and much more. 
Egypt's Prime Minister had to name the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group after bombing Mansoura Security Directorate. The weakness of the current government caused several people to lose their lives and many people were wounded in attacks by the terrorist group. Additionally, a lot more losses are expected.
Therefore, I demand the release of former interior minister Habib al-Adli and immediately reappoint him as Egypt's Interior Minister. In fact, he is the real man to deal with this terrorist group. As Eastern Christmas approaches, many terrorist attacks are expected in Egypt, which needs a tough guy to deal with it. Therefore, Habib al-Adli is the man.