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  • Friday ,07 March 2014

Attorney General reviews release of imprisoned students


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Friday ,07 March 2014

Attorney General reviews release of imprisoned students

Attorney General Hisham Barakat is currently reviewing a number of files of imprisoned university students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in order to examine the possibility of issuing their release during investigations, an informed judicial source in the general prosecution told Youm7.

The Attorney General has received several complaints from the families of the students involved in violent incidents during the last semester at universities across the country, the source told Youm7. The families have asked the courts to release their sons for the sake of their education, as the second semester begins next week.
Barkat has issued the release this week of more than 200 students accused of violence, the source added. And on March 3, Youm7 reported the release of 40 students who are under investigation for their involvement in violent clashes at Al-Azhar University.
This move follows a decision issued by Barakat to review all the files of students in custody for violent university clashes and student demonstrations.
The first semester of classes at several universities across the country were characterized by a series of student protests, most of which were led by pro-Muslim Brotherhood students supportive of former President Mohamed Morsi.