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  • Wednesday ,12 March 2014

Health Ministry: Swine flu infection, death rate declined

By-Almasry Alyoum

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Wednesday ,12 March 2014

Health Ministry: Swine flu infection, death rate declined

The Health Ministry announced on Tuesday decline in rate of infection and death of swine flu virus, known as H1N1, in the past few weeks.

The number of patients kept in hospitals during the past week reached 227 cases, 24 of which were proven to be positive cases, four of whom died. No infections were noticed among school students during first two days of the second semester.
A statement by the ministry said the status of the epidemic is being followed locally and internationally. Strict measures are taken to limit the flu and other infectious diseases at educational institutions. Posters are being distributed to raise awareness against the disease.
The ministry also called for necessity to follow methods of personal cleanliness, washing hands, covering nose and mouth when sneezing. It also highlighted good ventilation of classes and periodic follow-up by health insurance departments and school administrations as well as coordination between ministries of education and higher education.