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  • Monday ,31 March 2014

Jealous of America


Short But Not Sweet


Monday ,31 March 2014

Jealous of America

It seems that everywhere I turn, I see people blaming the United States. America is this huge big enemy. If there's anything wrong happening in any country, Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Russia etc... the United States are the first to be blamed. 

We say, "look how they killed innocent civilians in Iraq, look how they did this and that.." Here's what I think. Everyone is looking to blame America because they are just jealous. Jealous of what you may ask? Jealous of the fact that American were ruthless and intelligent enough to become the strongest country in the world. 
Instead of blaming America for everything that's wrong in your life, why not think of ways your country can become strong too and be a contender on the world stage? Who cares if the US was the country supplying bullets. Do you really think people who wanted to massacre and shed blood wouldn't find any other means? 
Stop being naive. Stop taking the easy route. Take responsibility for the mess in your country and look at a viable solution, not a scapegoat to blame!