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  • Friday ,30 May 2014

Wishes for the New President

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,30 May 2014

Wishes for the New President
We are now celebrating our newly elected President, Sisi. As Egyptians, this is a time which represents progress, and a step in the right direction. We have face troubles since the time of Mubarak, to Morsi. This is really is our time to move forward as a country, as a democratic country.
Egypt needs our President to be strong willed and patient with the society. We have alot of issues to overcome. For example, the people are still quite skeptical of any real positive change as of right now. Some may say that Sisi was the best alternative among the worst, so how is it even possible to move forward?
Moving forward requires effort from both sides. We, the people, need to have hope and trust in our elected president. He is not an extremist, he is not part of a fanatic group, he is not inexperienced. We have all means to begin a new, productive presidential reign. We just have to trust in his plans without doubting or criticizing.
Sisi, on the other hand, needs to be the president that he promised to be. He needs to listen to our needs and restore the faith of the Egyptian people. 
As of right now, if Egyptians have a problem, they go to Tahrir and demostrate! They say “get out” and that’s the end of that. Where is the communication here? I believe it is the job of Sisi to let the people feel as though they have someone to talk to if there are any problems. Our first instinct when we are dissatisfied shouldn’t be to protest, it should be to communicate with our leader, and this is what Sisi needs to be right now.