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  • Tuesday ,03 June 2014

Egypt between hope and disappointment

Ezzat Boulos

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Tuesday ,03 June 2014

Egypt between hope and disappointment

After living in two continents, the first where I was born and raised, and the second where I worked and succeeded.

In Africa I grew up, and moved to Europe to work. In fact, I had only left Egypt physically, as my heart couldn't move away. I swear I thought about Egypt each single day hoping she will be better and get speedy recovery.

Spontaneously I compared between the two civilizations in Egypt and Europe which makes Egypt looks very bad. However, I still believe the Egyptians have the ability to change and improve.

Let me introduce you to some reasons I believe were behind such retardation we face now. In 1952, we had great hope to develop. Thus, many schools and factories were built. We were such a role model before other countries in Africa and Asia, but we suffered from many wars that we are still suffering from its results.

Under Sadat era, Egypt won the war and restored its dignity. However, the terrorization of the Muslim Brotherhood began to attack Egypt. The state started to rebuild the demolished infrastructure and forgot about the real threat of the Muslim Brotherhood. As many terrorists have been visiting Egypt, the terrorist group have been taking over minds of many Egyptian people. After the revolution of January 25, the Muslim Brotherhood decided to take over Egypt.

However, the Egyptian people refused such occupation, and decided to overcome the American-Tirkish-Qatari plan to destroy Egypt. Thus, they demonstrated in June 30 to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood and also participated in the presidential election to vote for the new president. 

We're full of hope in the future. We're ready to impress the whole world by our new civilization and bright future.