• 11:23
  • Friday ,13 June 2014

In God we trust

Hind Mukhtar

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Friday ,13 June 2014

In God we trust

“Oh my God”, “In God we trust”, many expressions in which we mention God no matter what our beliefs are or how we worship Him. The Islamists have decided to distort our relationship with God for their own good. They forbid art and creativity in its all forms. Even women and its beauty should disappear and men should let their beards grow and never smile again.

Have they left Egypt forever? I am afraid the answer is no. Their virus is still in the air. They should start fighting beauty once again by their “haram” or forbidding weapons. Thus, we should be careful in order to eliminate the virus.

Will they start over to spread their ideology using satellite channels or free publications distributed in the streets? I believe they are going to start by feeding their children hatred and terrorism principles.

I don't have solutions, but only fears. Thus, I hope to be wrong. However, it should be clear that creativity and beauty introduced God to me. We always say “oh my God” when we see something great or creative.