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  • Monday ,16 June 2014

Pro-Morsi alliance calls on supporters to prepare for 'uprising' 3 July

By Ahram Online

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Monday ,16 June 2014

Pro-Morsi alliance calls on supporters to prepare for 'uprising' 3 July

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) has called on supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi to continue protesting in preparation for what they call the "uprising of 3 July 2014."

In a statement issued Saturday, the pro-Morsi alliance said that supporters have been protesting ever since Egypt's new president, Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, was inaugurated.

The group stated that their aim is to regain the 25 January Revolution that has been stolen by the military since the ouster of Morsi last July.

The alliance also accused El-Sisi of spending large sums of money on personal security during a cycling marathon that took place in Cairo Saturday.

The Muslim Brotherhood-led coalition still insists Morsi is Egypt's legitimate president. The group describes Morsi — who currently faces multiple trials on charges including murder and espionage — as the "kidnapped president."

El-Sisi, in his former capacity as the country's defence minister, led Morsi's removal following mass protests against the Islamist president's troubled one-year rule.

Despite the dwindling numbers of Morsi supporters in street protests, now mainly confined to some Egyptian universities, NASL consistently claims the momentum of its demonstrations remains strong.

Meanwhile, the alliance has condemned the crackdown on street vendors by the interior ministry that started last week.

The alliance has been calling for a third wave of protests since El-Sisi won the presidential elections in May.