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  • Monday ,03 November 2014


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,03 November 2014


Last week I discussed (from my point of view) the word “external” aid and funds on the attack that took place on our armed forces, last Friday the 24th October 2014. Here my point of view means I did not relay on any official resources or public opinions, I just assumed and built my own private scenario and created my own story, based on well known facts or portions of information to build my story. I might with it had touched some true facts or future plans of Egypt’s real enemies, I might as well had gave ideas to those enemies, but for sure this as well should had been true vital warning of future risks our army and police force should seriously take in concentration and open our eyes for more atrocities towards Egyptians who fight for the survival of Egypt.

The Arab Spring
That Arab spring that was worst ever winter storm to hit the middle east with one unique apparent goal that is to re-shape the world map of not only the Middle East but the Whole of Africa and the portions of Asia away from the major forces - major forces here means Russia, Iran, China and may be Japan - yes there are hot spots in Asia keep sending trained fighters towards the Middle East but as well the recruiters are spotted even in Europe and Australia, meaning no place on Earth is safe from that Arab Spring! 
Whoever initially put the plans to ignite that Arab Spring plan CIA or MI6 or any combination of intelligence forces for what so ever real plans behind of all that mess should had like any one that makes plans have Plan A and Plan B, and may be C, and D; but when intelligence is the planner, plans must be more intelligent, that means there should be Plan A, and Plan A+ and Plan A1, A2,...A10 before moving up to Plan B!
How Far before 2011 had it started?
Obviously all initial plans met ups and downs success and failures, the initial protests in Syria that escalated to bloody demonstrations were and initial success that turned into a failure when B.Assad remained in power but Mubarak failed to stay in power and this was a success of the initial plan but how far ago those plans stared had they started with the bloody insane civil war in Lebanon or way before on the bloody September -Iloul El Eswaed- in the Kingdom Jordan and it was alleged then that King Hussein of Jordan was a CIA agent receiving 1,000,000 dollars monthly in his own personal account! But this was not the only alleged spy this included Arafat himself as an Israeli agent who’s main objective was to bring down the initial Palestine cause defender Shakankiri that the creation of PLO knocked out of the political view?
Palestine Liberation Organization PLO and Unity Blown Away
In a previous article, looking in history to learn I pointed out to the Sykes - Picot agreement and said it clearly this Sykes - Picot agreement is not just a historical event but turned to be a general policy still going on since then! Proof, PLO versus Hamas the unity of Palestinians to liberate Palestine had been divided! The unity ex-president Nasser -R.I.P.- tried to re-establish was blown away in 1967, the unity of the middle east was subdivided into countries some under British occupation and others under French or Italian or Portugal occupation! Nasser’s efforts to re-unite Arabs ignited a lot of Liberation movements specially in Africa, it was necessary to develop the Sykes - Picot policy and further divisions imposed themselves not enough cutting down people into countries as countries could make agreements and unite forces against other countries but if the country itself in sub-divided into tribes and religions and habits the fight starts within the country for farther sub-divisions!
Where Egypt Stands?
As I pointed earlier in my article Arab Spring - call it storm- faced ups and downs, ups means success and the plan is going well but downs mean failure that requires urgent adjustments to keep going on successful, the success of Morsy taking over the presidential sit turned into a failure on June 30th 2013, had to be followed up with more and more adjustments, till Egypt become the only standing up united place surrounded but turmoil in Libya, Sudan, Gaza, Iraq, Syria and you name it, it extended to Yemen, and topped up with Iraq’s Daesh, it was necessary escalate terrorism within Egypt so that the unity of People with it’s Army and Police be broken if this unity is broken then the unity of people with their president can be broken! That is in other words, the unity of Egypt still facing huge threats we all need to be very aware off!
Religious trends breaks the unity of the family within the same family, religious trends is not faith, as faith is your relation with God no middle men between him and you, but when you try to show your faith to people you did share people with a very private matter! Being religious or not is your own private choice, I do not need to share it with you I’ll never share one inch of paradise with you because you shared your faith with me! I need my very own faith to take me there on my own!
I hope my words did not confuse you about Faith and Teaching Religion or explaining the meaning of words in religion, those are different issues out of the scope of this article.
Political views are another reason to bring sub-divisions within the same family, social views as well and almost all aspects of life could be a reason for divisions, but so far they were away from the conspiracies to divide the unity of Egyptians in Egypt, only religion was used so far together social tribal or ethnic habits, this tribal ethnic habits broke the unity of Lebanon with Syria, and Kurds with Iraq or Turk and this tribal deferences are being used to cut away Sinai from Egypt or ethnic deferences mixed with religious deferences are being used to ignite a separation between the south of Egypt and Egypt! So our enemies are trying by all means to cut over Egypt not just in to pieces but sub-divide them further and further so PEOPLE OF EGYPT REMEMBER:-
1. We are at war with terrorism
2. We built the country for our children 
3. Our Parents gave us a UNITED BLESSED COUNTRY we need to pass it on One Unique Blessed country to future generations!
May God Keep Blessing Egypt and Egyptians!