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  • Thursday ,04 December 2014

6 April calls for mass protest Friday over Mubarak verdict


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Thursday ,04 December 2014

6 April calls for mass protest Friday over Mubarak verdict

The 6 April movement is calling for mass demonstrations from Friday Dec. 5 until next Jan. 25, the fourth anniversary of 2011 revolution, in protest of the recent verdict acquitting former president Hosni Mubarak of graft and dropping charges of murder of protesters.

“We didn’t forget the former president achievements to the country: Sharm Al-Sheikh explosions, the Saints Church incident, the election fraud, the corrupted judges, and we will never forget because it still going on and your regime will never rule, the future is ours,” the group wrote on its Facebook page Tuesday.
Group member Mohamed Moustafa told Youm7 Tuesday that they will demand “bread, freedom, social justice,” the demands of the revolution in 2011, as well as the release of the detained prisoners, and the annulment of the 2013 Protest Law issued by former present Adly Mansour.
The group’s media officer told Youm7 that the group would not cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood in any of the demonstrations. Like the Brotherhood, the 6 April movement was declared by the government a terrorist organization earlier this year, making any affiliation or activities of the group illegal.
Previous presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi told MBC Masr television Channel Monday night, that they will not corporate with Muslim Brotherhoods in any way as they “betrayed the revolution.”
Security forces dispersed demonstrations in Abd Al-Monem Ryad Square Saturday and Sunday because some Muslim Brotherhoods members joined it, and tried to use violence with the protesters and the security forces, spokes person Hani Abdel Latif told Youm7 Sunday.