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  • Friday ,13 February 2015

Sisi meets with UK House of Commons delegation

By The Cairo Post

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Friday ,13 February 2015

Sisi meets with UK House of Commons delegation

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met Wednesday with a UK House of Commons delegation headed by the chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee Richard Ottaway, accompanied by number of Conservatives and Labour parties members.

A presidential statement stated that the delegation was “keen” to know the real situation in Egypt, and the surrounding circumstances that followed the June 30 revolution. During the meeting, President Sisi assured that the state has almost finished the last step of the roadmap through the parliamentary elections that are scheduled for next March. He added that the new constitution separates between the different authorities and respects human rights. Sisi said that he is looking forward for enhancing relations between Egypt and the United Kingdom, especially in the education, housing and transportation sectors. Earlier this month President Sisi also met with a delegation of former senior U.S. officials.

During their meeting, the officials stressed the importance of continuing dialogue, so that “each side may present its concerns and work on bridging the gap between their points of view on various issues.” According to spokesperson Alaa Youssef, the members said they will relay to officials in Washington the reality of the conditions and the development in Egypt’s political, economic and security issues.