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  • Monday ,16 February 2015

125 students expelled from Cairo Uni. in 2 years over ‘sabotage’


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Monday ,16 February 2015

125 students expelled from Cairo Uni. in 2 years over ‘sabotage’

A total of 125 students have been permanently expelled from Cairo University in two academic years for their alleged implication in sabotage and riots inside the facility, head of the university Gaber Nassar told reporters Sunday.

Meanwhile, dozens of students protested inside the university Sunday, demanding their university to allow expelled students back into study, Youm7 reported.
“They don’t deserve to be labeled [students] or to be educated by the state for free or enjoy being enrolled in these universities,” Gaber told Mehwar TV Sunday, referring to students who allegedly smuggled fireworks and flares in their clothes into the university.
In the academic year of 2014/2015, 40 students were expelled; 85 were expelled last year, Gaber said.
Of those previously expelled, 55 students were allowed to return to the university after their parents signed a letter of apology, but they remain supervised by the university and their parents, Gaber said.
On Saturday, four students were referred to investigations for lighting flares inside Cairo University.
The academic year of 2013/2014 witnessed wide-scale violence in several universities; 19 students were killed at university protests last year during police raids, according to the Egyptian Commission on Rights and Freedoms.
Meanwhile, protesting students allegedly committed arson at several faculties and offices inside universities, assaulted staff and attempted to disrupt exams.