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  • Wednesday ,18 February 2015

Robert Fisk: IS likely to attempt Sisi assassination

By Egypt Independent

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Wednesday ,18 February 2015

Robert Fisk: IS likely to attempt Sisi assassination

The Islamic State extremist group will likely attempt to assassinate President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as a counter-retaliation to the airstrikes his forces made on the group’s camps in Libya, said prominent journalist Robert Fisk.

“But now [IS] will want revenge for the Egyptian air raids. Will there be more bombs in Cairo itself? Definitely. Will there be assassination attempts against Sisi? Almost certainly,” Fisk said in his column in TheIndependent on Monday, projecting the group’s possible response to the Egyptian air raids launched in revenge for the slaughtering of 21 Egyptians by the group last week.
Fisk added that Sisi should be luckier than former president Hosni Mubarak who, he said, had survived 15 murder attempts.
According to Fisk, the Egypt-IS war did not start only with the raids on Libyan soil, but had been running in Sinai over the past two years.
“Egypt’s support for the Libyan military of General Khalifa Haftar – who in turn supports the internationally-recognised Benghazi government – will only deepen the Libyan civil conflict,” he warned.