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  • Tuesday ,05 May 2015

The Pope is still visiting Europe making conferences

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,05 May 2015

The Pope is still visiting Europe making conferences
After the end of the unwarranted visit of Pope Tawadros to the Netherlands with a delegation of several bishops and priests, he is going to travel to Austria for treatment. Then, he will fly to Italy  to hold a conference with bishops and priests of Europe in the most expensive city in Europe, Venice.
Here, I wonder why this tourist city was chosen to hold such conference? Do the bishops and priests need such tourism and entertainment with the very limited resources of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The conference could have been held in one monastery of the Coptic church in Europe in order to save a lot of money.
How many bishops and priests will attend the conference? How many wives of the Coptic priests will attend it as well? What is the goal of such expensive conference after all?
Moreover, nobody can claim that such visits of the Pope abroad are pastoral care to the congregation since they are limited to certain countries, and not open to other places like Africa, China, Thailand, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, and Honolulu. Furthermore, there are many bishops dedicated to each country all over the world, and are entitled to do such pastoral care visit instead of the busy Pope.
What about the accompanying delegation with His Holiness to the Netherlands, Austria and Italy? What bishop of Shobra has to do with such visits or even the spokesperson of the church? Does the pope need him to make some announcements abroad?
In short, every body who cares for the Coptic Orthodox Church should ask, and those who lead the church should give account for their actions and decisions before their people!