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  • Wednesday ,06 May 2015

17 arrested, 24 ‘terrorist’ hotbeds destroyed in Sinai

By The Cairo Post

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Wednesday ,06 May 2015

17 arrested, 24 ‘terrorist’ hotbeds destroyed in Sinai

Security forces in Northern Sinai arrested 17 suspects and destroyed 24 “terrorist” hotbeds in different parts of Sheikh Zuwayed, Rafah and Eastern Arish, Youm 7 reported Tuesday, quoting a statement issued by a security source.

The source, affiliated to Northern Sinai Security directorate, said that the above-mentioned campaign comes in a response to an attack by extremists towards Al Ahrash military camp in Rafah a few days ago.

The source said that no casualties or injures had been reported.

Last week, the state of emergency in North Sinai territories was extended for an additional three months per a presidential decree.

In the eastern part of the governorate, it will be applied starting Rafah’s hill and Al Ouga town, while from the west it will be in effect from western Arish to the Al-Halal Mountain. A curfew will also remain in place in the mentioned territories.

The state of emergency was originally implemented in late October 2014, following an attack in Arish that killed over 30 soldiers. In response to the attack, the military escalated counter terrorism campaigns in the area, and announced it would implement a buffer zone along the Rafah border with the Gaza Strip, which required the displacement of more than 1,000 families.