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  • Thursday ,07 May 2015

Egypt to host conference on protecting cultural heritage


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Thursday ,07 May 2015

Egypt to host conference on protecting cultural heritage

Egypt will host the International Conference for the Protection of Human Heritage under the slogan "Threatened Cultural Heritage" Wednesday, May 13. 

A number of regional countries, including Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Lebanon, Iraq and Kuwait will attend the conference to discuss more effective ways of preserving heritage, as well as discuss a means of enhancing cooperation between countries.
Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty said in a statement Wednesday that this conference comes within the framework of a joint cooperation between the Foreign and Antiquities ministries, the International Alliance for the Protection of Monuments, the Institute of the Middle East and UNESCO International.
The Antiquities Ministry hopes to create permanent channels of communication at the international level in order to develop effective methods of facilitating archaeological work in various fields, particularly in protecting cultural and civilizational heritage, said Damaty.
The minister stressed that ​​organizing an international conference at this time will shed more light on the recent looting and destruction of heritage-related articles in a number of countries.