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  • Thursday ,15 October 2015

The trademark of degradation

By-Tarek al-Shenawy-egyptindependent



Thursday ,15 October 2015

The trademark of degradation

Obscenity and nothing but obscenity is what that talk show kept broadcasting until five in the morning, with the host Wael al-Ibrashi exchanging insults with film producer Al-Sobky.

Perhaps Ibrashi meant to do so in order to achieve high viewership rates and - consequently - more advertising revenue of which he takes a percentage. 
It is corruption incarnate.
The Sobky phenomenon does not stop at the brothers Mohamed and Ahmed, for there is a whole tribe by that same name that has invaded the movie business.
Everywhere I go I am asked what are the Sobky brothers doing to the cinema industry? Their productions have become a trademark of degradation.
I must say, however, that they did produce some good films, such as “Cabaret” and “The Wedding.” In fact, another two films of their production are participating in the Cairo International Film Festival. Also, they are producing a film to be directed by Yousry Nasrallah, which I am sure Nasrallah will not do with the “Sobky” recipe.
The qualitative and quantitative decline in film production has left us with only one company that controls the cinema industry and produces the types of films it favors. We do not have an alternative to balance the market.
Some believe that bad art must be banned. I say we need a balance between good and bad art. The same artist may sometimes come up with a bad piece of art and a good one after it. 
We should not ban art. I was against it when former Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb banned the film “Halawet Roh.” Banning will not eradicate degradation. It is the balance between good and bad art that will. Let the audience decide. The audience can tell the difference. 
I watched “Halawet Roh” in a movie theater. It was not full. But after the ban, thousands watched it on the Internet.
The world has changed. The government cannot dictate what to watch. The maximum it can do is rate films for people to know.