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  • Wednesday ,17 February 2016

Divorce in the Coptic Church


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Wednesday ,17 February 2016

Divorce in the Coptic Church

God wants us to worship him with the spirit rather than words. Marriage in Christianity is based on unity among God, man and wife. However, committing adulatory may break such bond of marriage. Spiritual adulatory is considered by the church another reason to permit divorce which is converting to another religion. Other reasons to permit divorce are cheating and impotence.

Jesus Christ, head of the church, put laws of love and mercy and gave the church the authority to follow that spirit. Prohibition of divorce may protect families and children from dispersion. Yet, divorce is a must in many cases like a spouse is drug addict or perverted and sexually harasses his daughters!
As for the new law of personal status, Pope Tawadros said that such law will be discussed to decide what to do. He added that abandonment and violence are strong reasons for divorce. Abandonment for more than three years violates that rule. 
Let the Pope and the Holy Synod decide what is good for the people. Jesus Christ came to give life to everybody. May God have mercy on his people and the extremists as well!