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  • Thursday ,18 February 2016

The execution of kings of Wahhabism


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Thursday ,18 February 2016

The execution of kings of Wahhabism

The third Gulf War became at hand, which reminds us of the second Gulf War and the end of Sadam Hussein. Such end that destroyed Iraq and divided its people and turned it to pastureland for the terrorists and led the Americans to occupy the gulf countries and its treasures. 

Kings of Wahhabism enslaved their people for years and imposed the Wahhabi identity on them. They used the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice gangs to ensure the loyalty of their people. They thought they will be able to buy the people.
After the Wahhabi kingdom failed to topple Assad in Syria for five years or the Houthis in Yemen, Saudi Arabia decided to enter Syria supported by the alleged Islamic alliance. The Wahabbi economy is affected badly by the decreasing prices of oil. This is the new American plan that replaced the Arab Spring pla.  This is the same scenario of the second Gulf War. This time Saudi Arabia will replace Iraq in order to put an end to the great sponsor of terrorism all over the world.
It’s such a great plan by the American Administrator to get rid of the Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism. Will America succeed or another alliance will appear with new surprises?