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  • Thursday ,15 December 2016

MPs call for cancelling religion classes at schools


Copts and Poliltical Islam


Thursday ,15 December 2016

MPs call for cancelling religion classes at schools

MPs called during a meeting of the Egyptian Parliament's Human Rights Committee on Tuesday, for the cancellation of religion classes at school, saying it creates generations of extremists.  

MP Essam Farouk said the cancellation of religion classes at schools has become a necessity. According to Farouk the fact that, during religion classes Christian minority students are required to leave their classes to receive Christian religion lessons in other rooms, communicates a negative message about them to their Muslim colleagues.
"The bombing of the Botroseya church will not be the last as long as education curricula remain the same. Religion classes should be in mosques and churches, not in schools," said Farouk.  
MPs called for joint monthly classes between both Muslim and Christian students that speak about the kind manners of both religions. 
Farouk called for a bill that addresses sectarianism. He added: "We are glad that 6 suspects in the Botroseya blast were arrested, but what about inciters, including the media and channels like Al Jazeera?".
MP Ahmed Shoeib called for reviewing school curricula. "Confronting terrorism starts at schools, not just security and legislative measures," he said. 
The Humans Rights Committee has to sign a protocol with the Ministry of Education to review curricula, he added.
Meanwhile, MP Margret Azer, a member of the committee, said that the current education in Egypt will create three types of people: the extremists, the ignorant who depend only on government education, and those with no national pride who receive their education at international schools.