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  • Tuesday ,20 December 2016

Racism and oppression in the United Nations offices




Tuesday ,20 December 2016

Racism and oppression in the United Nations offices

From what we hear and already known that the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the office is to be a place in which there are angels relief And stand with the human against the injustice and suffering of the reprieve and the opening of the energies of hope in his life, especially if in case children are also victims of that extended situation.

That's what they all say in the whole world... but unfortunately The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner Kuwait CKD broke all these standards and all these customs and he became the Evil which harms oppressor humans and is now the place that increases the torment on these oppressed ones.
Don’t be surprised dear readers my words came from all these cases that I see and heard about and which their documents is between my own hands where I’m looking for cases that suffered more far from them that I can’t even describe this irritations fairly.
One of the cases: a family went to Kuwait running away from murdering the whole family by the hand of destructive Islamic activists and Islamic mainstream which still have control and power on the Egyptian streets till this day, where we still find the Copts getting killed, kidnap their daughters to be forces into Islam, burn their churches, Seizure of their property and expelled them, in abstract they are working on a complete liquidation.. 
The Family man says: I came to Kuwait with a big hope in a safe and dignified life and I worked in a company until the owner asked me to commit a perjury and to lie on behalf of the company against one of the customers and as a Christian and my religion prevents me about this work i completely rejected this, and the result was that I was expelled and accused of false accusations where I ended up in prison and with a false financial case raised against me from the company owner where me and my family became living in a spiral or torment and in my documents you will find a full explanation and evidence to these events.
When life became very difficult for me and my family faced persecution racist here in Kuwait advised me to some of the faithful that the oldest of the resort through
UNHCR office in Kuwait and from here began to torment trip and began the nightmare that I live with no end yet.
In the beginning I was greeted good during the first interview
And promises brushed me the way with flowers, where I was told that they would pay the employee in charge of school expenses of my children and pay the rent for an apartment And monthly allowance.
And hope began to opens new door in my life.. But unfortunately it became clear that all of these promises is a mirage caused me more harm in My life because based on these promises I registered my Girls into School and organized my life, relying on these promises which added to my problems more problems.
I did not received any School expenses for Girls and not even received the apartment rental money in short I did not received any help from them , I waited also for the respond to my request for my asylum, which I did not hear about it for months and months, which made me call them over and the answers I get from UNHCR staff disappointing each hopes.. Like we are just looking to the requests applied by Iraqis and Syrians.
Did not let my wife and I to enter the office to inquire and left us in the street outside for hours.. As I learned from some of the presenters that the Office rejects all cases for Christians or converts.. But even that the staffs of the office they report some cases of converts to work on bring them back to Islam again.
As in the cases of UNHCR staff they have not only did not help and not respond to my request, but also did the following: -
1.      One of the Staff sent in a UN vehicle where he informed the Egyptians neighbors that I have submitted an application for asylum, and I am against Egypt and the 
Egyptian government which made some of them attacking and trying to kill us for being as a traitor to Egypt.
2.      One of the UN employees reported to my residence owner that I applied for asylum which means I’m trying to run away from previous unpaid rents , So the owner responded by Kicking me and my family out of the apartment which lead us to be sleeping in the roof of one of the building during most cold winters.
3.      Before that I was forced to sell all my furniture and me and my family use to sleep on the floor with the UN employees are fully aware of that situation.
4.      One of the Un office went to the electrical office and asked them to cut off the power and proved to them that I applied for asylum which again lead us to have no heat or cooling or any kind of electricity.
5.      They told me that I didn’t provide them with sufficient documents which im sure I did, to find out later that they throw away any papers regarding Christian or converted cases into a paper damage machine.
6.      Duo to that I borrowed some money to send the documents to their office in Jordan and I have a reset that prove that . 
7.      The employee of the office one day while we were there me and my wife asked me to talk to her alone where he asked her why do she insist in living with a hopeless case like mine and why don’t she go and find a Kuwaiti man who will make her life easier due to money and residency.
8.      I then applied to meet with the chief of the office to complain about all that, which I wish I didn’t do it , where she accused me and my wife of lying and that we are accusing her honorable staff with  not a honorable accusation and she shouted on my wife and made her cry from the kind of humiliation we got from her.
9.      I prove all what I am saying by asking the question of how many Christian or converted to Christian cases has been taken by the office in the last three years and is the help provided by the UN office in Kuwait to people who really in need or based on relations.
10.  They promised me of settling up all my debts and fixing my residency problems which made me wait for them and then get nothing which forced me to borrow some money again to set my residency and my family residency just to be safe and legal.
11.  Prof. Samir Habashy Australian Prime Coptic Association sent a complaint to the main office in Geneva to my case on my behalf after he knew my case, so the office sent an inspector to review my case and check my papers which he assured me that he will accept my case and will get back to me in a month, I waited with no reply what so ever , So Mr Samir Habashi called the office in Jordan where they assure him that the case accepted and already the letter of acceptance sent to Kuwait office , But when the Kuwait office employee called me later and told me to come and receive my letter I was shocked that the case was refused, Where the employee there cursed me and said who you think you are to stand on our way or try to threating us , and said : do you see now that we scared of no one and listen to no one and do whatever we wand , finally said get out of here you filthy human being and do not let me see your face again.
This is dear reader one of many cases I have infront of me of Christians or converted to Christians cases that been abused by the UN office in Kuwait.
In my hand also a man that Jesus Christ touched his heart and converted from Islam to Christianity where he went and applied at the office where he got a full lecture about infidels and how what he is doing is wrong and they will not accept such unnecessary case.
Dear reader I can see western communities are falling in a big mistake without them knowing, as for Humans rights that they believe in which goes by the bible and Jesus advice they are hiring Muslims in a sensitive places  like human rights offices or consuls or even embassies where they don’t know that Muslims is loyal to his religion first before anything else.
On this I’m asking everyone to write a letter to your member of parliament and a letter to the President of your country and a letter to the Office of the United Nations in the country warning and reporting this issue that they don’t know how much it will infect their countries and other oppressed peoples in other countries.