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  • Thursday ,22 December 2016

The blood of the martyrs water the national unity


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Thursday ,22 December 2016

The blood of the martyrs water the national unity

The terrorist bombing that targeted St. Peter Church in Cairo on December 11, 2016, proved once again that it can’t be related to a religion. Such dirty act has nothing to do with humanity, as humans can’t plan to kill women and children and cause massive destruction.

Al-Azhar has condemned this cowardly attack, the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and every human being with a sound conscience. Everybody rushed to offer their sincere condolences for families of the victims and the Coptic Church. 
Such terrorist attack is an example of targeting houses of worship and humanity. The planers of such attack have no respect for religions or human morals. They target stability and coexistence between the Egyptians. However, they will not be able to divide the Egyptians and make strife and discord. 
This criminal act that targeted the Egyptian unity will only make it stronger. All Egyptians denounced this filthy act, and decided to unite more than ever. All reverence and respect to the martyrs of the Arab world. Their blood shall water the national unity and make their countries stronger.