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  • Tuesday ,12 December 2017

Al-Rawda mosque and the daytime bats!

Medhat Bishay

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Tuesday ,12 December 2017

Al-Rawda mosque and the daytime bats!

There is no doubt that Egypt has gained a lot of experience in dealing with terrorist attacks. This was revealed during the crises of Al-Rawda mosque. It was such a brutal attack that caused a great loss of lives (311 martyrs and more than 100 wounded). The terrorist had developed weapons more than any criminal militias all over the world!

During the crisis, media reporters tried to interrogate the imam of the mosque to get a scoop, but the media coverage was accurate in general and the officials did a good job in the crisis.
The real problem is the lack of reform of the cultural and religious discourse that President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi called to fix three years ago but in vain. The religious discourse is not even able to reach to the public. Therefore, the simple people remain the precious hunting of the fanatics and extremists.
More than half a century ago, Sheikh Ahmed Hassan al-Baqouri wrote an article published in the magazine "Al-Musawwar" in November 1954 and assured that terrorism will not last for months if it becomes a state. He explained that terrorism would either rule by a blatant ruling in the name of Islam, or just use the same current rules and laws.
20 years before this article, Taha Hussein, in the book "The Future of Culture in Egypt" published in 1937 said our sons are eager to learn but they have weak minds that they may embrace anteing they receive without further thinking. They are illiterate though they know how to read and write.
In the end I would like to express my hope that our religious institutions will be careful to choose their representatives from the clergy whom are able to express the faith and understand the history and culture of the people.