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  • Wednesday ,07 February 2018

Accepted gift of love

Medhat Bishay

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Wednesday ,07 February 2018

Accepted gift of love

In his wonderful book  Kirialison in the love of the Copts , Hamdi Rizk wrote that his book is a gift for the Copts at the Christmas Day. He said that these are lines of love erupted from the moment of the bombing of the Saints Church in January 2011 until the opening of the new Cathedral in 2018 by President Abdelfattah Al Sisi. As a Coptic citizen, I accept such lovely gifts including his writings and TV program in which he discusses problems of citizenship as a loyal Egyptian citizen.

The book also talks about the church and its internal affairs as well as the Pope and the guardians of the faith. It also deals with the relation between the Pope and Sheikh of Al-Azhar as well as the position of the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood. He included dialogues with His Holiness Pope Twadros II, and His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, in addition to a number of meetings with a number of Egypt thinkers. 
The book deals with the relationship between the Copts and President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and mentioned the details of the four presidential visits to the Coptic Church on Christmas eve. It simple records the sociological and political situation of Copts in Egypt in the last few years of trouble after the revolution of January 25, as well as their future, rights and rejection of what few fanatic people discrimination. 
Hamdi Rizk wrote a book entitled  Kiryalison in the Love of Copts  as part of Rose Al Yousuf s Gold Book Series. In this regard, I salute the great writer Osama Osama, who is in charge of publishing the series.
Rizk, a graduate of Cairo University s Media Department in 1986, is a columnist for Al Masry Al Youm and a presenter of a program called  Nazra  (which is translated  Look ). Rizk also received the Mediterranean Prize for Journalism in 1995 on a published article on  Religious Violence in Egypt - Menia in Upper Egypt . He received two prizes from the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, the first on interviews with Sudanese leaders and won the prize of "Mustafa and Ali Amin" in the year 2012.
He says in the intro of his book:  Kirialison  is said in all Coptic prayers, and many people don t know its meaning. It is a Greek word, divided into two parts, the word  Kiria  or  keros  meaning  the Lord  , and the word  Lison  which means  have mercy . Thus, Kirialison means Lord Have Mercy.