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  • Wednesday ,14 February 2018

A cultural project awaits the new cabinet

Medhat Bishay

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Wednesday ,14 February 2018

A cultural project awaits the new cabinet
Terrorism is like a virus that spreads everywhere, and there is constant injection of it by all evil forces that supports terrorism. No doubt that intellectual people and supporters of culture and enlightenment are at the forefront target of the extremists who claim they protect religion, but they spread myths among the simple people.
I believe that our cultural and educational institutions have a great deal of work to consolidate illuminating human thought and to create better reality in Egypt supported by war waged by Egyptian army against terrorism. Therefore, we have to define sources of terrorism and extremism that are supported by ignorance what should be faced by culture and a plan of renewal of religious discourse.
The multiple forms of terrorism that target Egypt inside and outside emphasizes the need to launch a large-scale cultural project to refute and deal with elements of terrorism and to form an army of intellectuals, writers and researchers to fight terrorism and extremism. 
A terrorist believes that he doesn t belong to this world, but they do some job in this world to reach a better one. However, new terrorists are rich and still seek to destroy our lives. 
Finally, the cultural battle needs readiness, mobilization and cooperation of all soft powers to win this war against darkness and retardation.