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  • Tuesday ,15 May 2018

Japanese style of Love

Medhat Bishay

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Tuesday ,15 May 2018

Japanese style of Love

On the occasion of our church s celebration of the half-century anniversary of the apparition of our lady on the domes of her church in Zeitoun. Some Coptic leaders made statements to provoke other dominations in an unacceptable absence of the spirit of love according to the teachings of the Bible.

Therefore, I present this form of love proclaimed by a Japanese philosopher more than a century ago. He said:  Unless love is rooted in the soul of human being, it cannot understand God s love…love knows all including sadness, laughter, tolerance, work, hunger, accepting danger, respect. It knows almost everything. Love accepts suffering and pain and can make wonders. Thus, it is able to do everything. 
Love is spreadable, flexible, applicable and fulfilling. It embraces and brings warm. It is indeed the final truth.
Love has two kinds: unconscious and conscious. Being kind and lovely and cooperative is an important example of it.  This can offer the others without limits that it can lead one to be crucified for the unknown sinners, which is the best kind of love.
This was a quote from the Japanese philosopher, what do you think our beloved patrons and spiritual leaders?