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  • Tuesday ,18 September 2018

Stop intimidating people

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Tuesday ,18 September 2018

Stop intimidating people
As we fight terrorism at all levels, we have to pay attention to all our life practices at home, street, school, university and the club, and more importantly in the mosque and the church. We have to denounce intimidation and encourage enticement and reasonable speech.
We may notice that our religious discourse is full of intimidation and exaggeration through its speech and even the way of delivering sermons. They are full of violence and shouting, especially when it comes to the other life and God s punishment to the bad people. This kind of speech has now its masters who pioneers.
This kind of speech eliminates all attempts to have good conversation. Intimidation may have its positive sides but taking this method to the next level and misusing it with the children leads us to raise hesitant and cowardly generations that don t realize the true faith and the mercy of God.
I would have imagined that the speech of intimidation was a new fashion till I read that paragraph of an opening article of a Christian religious magazine, Wisdom, where its editor wrote:   be prepared by good works and mercy before you lose ability to talk on dooms day. At that day you will reap what you sow. At that day the old man will weep for what he did wrong, just like the young man. Everything will be revealed and exposed, and everyone will be terrified. The sinners will meet justice and the good people will rest and honored unlike the ungodly men who will suffer.