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  • Tuesday ,23 June 2020

Bishop Gregory the theologian

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Tuesday ,23 June 2020

Bishop Gregory the theologian

 More than twenty-eight years ago, I was introduced to Bishop Gregory of Scientific research. In 1973, I was a law student at Ain Shams, and I was responsible for bringing keynote speakers for the Coptic family in the college. His first speech to us was entitled: Lawyer and truth, in which he explained to us that Jesus Christ is the greatest lawyer and how we should follow His foot steps.

Since that date, I began a friendship with the great theologian. I used to visit him every now and then to spend couple of hours discussing various  subjects, including theological, legal and social topics. In the early eighties I visited him after the issuance of a ruling from the Court of Zagazig to permit polygamy for Christians. I found him a great legal and religious expert who could defend the Christian point of view. 
When I asked him to introduce my book  The nullity of marriage and the reasons for divorce in Christian laws , he spent one month revising it and didn t revise the information only, but he fixed some grammar mistakes in the book.
I knew him encouraging and motivating to participate in the national work. He encouraged me to run for parliamentary elections in Shubra and supported me to get many votes. He also was a great defender of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He was so humble, loving, simple, accurate and scientists.