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  • Monday ,29 June 2020

Egypt and Lybia

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,29 June 2020

Egypt and Lybia

President Sisi announced lately that Egypt might enter Libya and fight against Libian who are supported by  Fayez El-Sarag who is also supported by Turkey. 

The situation is very difficult and the picture looks very complicated as there is no doubt if Sarag troops reached to “ Seert” and “ Goffra” they would represent a real threat to Sisi because if the Brotherhood was a neighbour to Egypt that might cause a lot of troubles and turmoil to the Sisi regime. 
Unfortunately, the conflict and threats would not be for Egypt but would be for the values the current regime wants to have for Egypt. 
The current regime can not forget what “ Hamas” did in 2011 when they helped Muslim brotherhood to flee from presions and started to practice politics and they have reached the highest power in Egypt by having president from Muslims Brotherhood. 
In conclusion, I believe Egypt has to be cautious if decided to enter Libya and don’t depend on any external power like France or Russia because politics is changeable and who might be with you today, most probably will be against you tomorrow.