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  • Wednesday ,01 July 2020

Glory of knowledge and scholars

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Wednesday ,01 July 2020

Glory of knowledge and scholars

 Perhaps there are few positive aspects of the Corona pandemic such as highlighting the importance Scientific research in general, and especially in the field of health. 

In this regard, no one denies that universities in Egypt have played a wonderful role in building the national cultural identity of the Egyptian personality. People considered universities as holy places like houses of worship. Now, after several decades, we need to ensure the moral responsibility of the professors and encourage them to increase research, thinking and practice democracy inside the campus and present a good model for the students. 
Among the funny stories that our Arab history celebrates in this context, is what happened to Mrs. Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid as she saw  a large number of people gathered on the shore of the river to celebrate and welcome a scientist arriving from Baghdad, She said, indeed this the glory of knowledge and scholars. 
This is true since people choose to offer love for scientists and they are not forced to. The Corona virus catastrophe has alerted us to the importance of serious work in the field of scientific media to enrich scientific awareness of the Egyptian citizen.