• 04:12
  • Friday ,03 July 2020

Next Parliament

by Jamal Rushdie

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Friday ,03 July 2020

Next Parliament

 Many people asked me about my expectations for the upcoming Parliament, and I told them that it will be totally different from the current one as I believe the circumstances have changed.

During the current parliament elections, the state needed a member with special characteristics that helps stabilize the institutions of the state that was on the verge of collapse.
Yet, the next council needs to support the path of sustainable development in Egypt through a spcial vision and abilities that contributes to and supports the sustainable development goals. Therefore, I am certain that 75% of the MPs will be replaced on the lists.
Concerning the individual elections, the state needs to find a better divsion for the segments in order to enable the candidates to work on tighter scale, as the bigger scale needs more orgization and money which is only availabe for the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist currents.
Finally, I wish the elections will be postponed since we need unity during such hard times, and the elections will increase division.