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  • Monday ,13 July 2020

National media and its vital role

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Thursday ,09 July 2020

National media and its vital role

 We live in times of surprises that either we create or face. The intervention of thought, religion and philosophy raised the value of man and improved his behavior. 

Media indeed plays an important role in that account that it became one of main tools to refine the human personality and raise it to the maximum levels of sophistication and urbanization. Thus, media has to play an important role not only for news broadcast, but to teach people about better thinking and behavior.
The media has a prominent and effective role in the process of socialization because it is attractive and amusing. It also teaches people about their community as well as all aspects of their lives. Such educational role of the media has to be organized before it destroys the process and confuse the audience.
Today, we have very limited control over what our children see, but we need our national media to work hard on preserving our culture and achieving development and reform.