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  • Monday ,13 July 2020

The Ottoman Empire

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,12 July 2020

The Ottoman Empire

Turkey is doing nothing recently except revoking Egypt and Europe in many ways. Erdogan feels he is the king of the region and doing anything he wants regardless of other countries interests. 

Turkey is trying to dominate Libya, Iraq and Syria and threatens Egypt and Europe by interfering in their affairs and threatening their national security Which no doubt put pressure on these countries to fight back and engage in conflicts with others.
Egypt has the right to defend its national security by all means, however, my only fear is that this war might distract Egypt from it’s development goals. entering any war is very costly and might cause a lot of inflation which will affect Egyptians negatively. 
In my opinion Egypt has to engage the international community in this crisis and don’t not enter this war alone and then pay the price of entering this war. France, US and UN have to push back and play a positive role in this conflict.