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  • Wednesday ,15 July 2020

Erdogan and Libya

by Arminius Minyaawi

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Wednesday ,15 July 2020

Erdogan and Libya

 Turkey didn t choose to enter Libya, but it was forced to for several reasons. Rajab Tayyab Erdogan is trying to join the European Union, but the West has never forgotten the massacre of the Armenians. They showed him that Libya is part of his empire, just like what happened to Saddam Hussein when he imagined that Kuwait is the 19th governorate of Iraq. Saddam was too stupid to swallow the bait that killed him. The same applies to Endogan  who was stupid enough to join the war in Libya which is the biggest quagmire for him.

I see this action as paying for the crimes of his grandparents who made many countries suffer and now is the time to repay.
The Libyans are very fierce and this would make the mission of Turkey in Libya much harder than Erdogan might think. Supporters of the Libyan people will make Turkey suffer more and more because of its stupidity. It was a great mistake of Turkey to enter Libya and my words shall be remembered soon.