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  • Thursday ,16 July 2020

Equality in inheritance

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Thursday ,16 July 2020

Equality in inheritance

 The equality between men and women in inheritance for Christians is a principle approved by the Egyptian constitution in 2014  where Article Three of it states that “the main source of legislations for  Christians and Jews regulate their personal status, religious affairs, and the choice of their spiritual leaders.” Thus, according to the constitution, the principles of Christian law are applicable to the Christian Egyptians, and male and female are equal concerning share of inheritance.

This is also stated in Article 247 of the the Coptic Orthodox regulation, with the effect of equality between male and female in the inheritance. However, the courts witnessed a great controversy for the application of these texts. Some rulings supported the inequality between male and female in the inheritance for Christians based on former laws. Yet, we see that these articles have a suspicion of unconstitutionality for violating the text of Article Three of the current Egyptian constitution. 
It is worth noting that another new ruling was issued on May 20, 2020 by the Cairo Court of Appeal for personal status, a final ruling that orders the application of Christian regulations in disputes relating to the distribution of inheritance between Egyptian Christians. This important ruling created a state of satisfaction in the Coptic community, as it came in accordance with the constitution and the law, and the principles of Christian law. 
In my estimation, the Personal Status Law for Christians needs fundamental amendments to comply with the 2014 constitution, and it is one of the legislations that should be issued to alleviate the suffering of the Copts. Accordingly, I call on the three Christian denominations, the government, and Parliament to include in the draft law of equal inheritance between male and female Christians. We also appeal to all Egyptian courts for the work of the text of the constitution concerning equality between male and female in the inheritance of Christians according to the Christian teachings.