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  • Monday ,20 July 2020

American Election

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,20 July 2020

American Election

While we are close to the American election, I see most polls and recommendations go toward confirming that Biden is the winner and he is the next US president. Unfortunately, doesn t like someone should drag us to have a fair and objective opinion about each candidate s chances to win this election. 

I remember last election, all polls chose Hillary Clinton as the winner of the US election, however, that dream was demolished by announcing Trump as president of the United States. Everyone including myself believed that Hilarry is the winner because of what the media tried to convince us with. 

I see that the American news make the same mistake again and try bush by al means to convince all people around the world that Trump already lost the election even before the election starts and despite whether that is the truth or not, we should not follow this news as a fact and believe that Trump lost the election. 

There are many people actually supporting Trump not because he is a nice or good president but because of the economy. He helped the economy to improve and the unemployment rate to go to its lowest in decades.