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  • Tuesday ,21 July 2020

Coptic Church spokesman praises Copts United mission and calls for its continuation

Nader Shoukry

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Tuesday ,21 July 2020

Coptic Church spokesman praises Copts United mission and calls for its continuation

Center of the Church in the Great Cathedral of St. Mark in Cairo. During the interview Father Poulos Halim praised Copts United news website and its mission to support the church and the Egyptian society. He added that it is always present in all events of the church and its role is appreciated by the Coptic Church. 

Father Poulos Halim denied rumors about the health condition of His Holiness Pope Tawadros and assured he is in good health, and have been practicing all his pastoral duties as usual and held several official meetings during the past two days.
Father Hlim expressed his sadness for the campaign attacking the Coptic church and Pope Tawadros. He added that Church accepts criticism  and accepts everybody, but such systematic attack on His Holiness Pope Tawadros is absolutely unjustified and unaccepted. Pope have held a meeting with those who criticize him without blaming them for such attitude. It should be noted here that our Church discusses all decisions within the Holy Synod including the latest decision to reopen churches, he added. He explained that the church accepts complaints, but it is not appropriate to discuss ideological matters on the social media.
He affirmed that the Church gives opportunity to repent, but it does not accept mistakes and therefore issued a decision to suspend the priest Royce Aziz since clergy are not infallible humans.
The official spokesman told Copts United that churches will be opened for Holy Masses during the fasting of the Virign Mary, especially with the  pandemic killing 7 Coptic clergy including priests and monks. 
He warned that it is necessary to be cautious about social media and not to reveal personal information and secrets before the strangers, especially the fake Facebook pages target Coptic girls.
He also praised the policy of president Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to establish social justice and supports humanity and dignity of the Egyptians. The president also set a rule to build a church in every new residential areas or new city without the church asking to support freedom of worship as the most important principle of citizenship to build a modern and developed state in Egypt