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  • Thursday ,23 July 2020

Egyptian army foils terrorist attack in North Sinai, kills 18

by Al Masry Al Youm

Copts and Poliltical Islam


Thursday ,23 July 2020

Egyptian army foils terrorist attack in North Sinai, kills 18

 The Egyptian armed forces thwarted a terrorist attack on a security post in the Bir al-Abd area in North Sinai.

The armed forces securing the post, in cooperation with the Air Force, chased the terrorists onto a farm and several unoccupied houses, where they then killed all 18 individuals involved and destroyed four vehicles, three of which were prepped for car bombings.
Two armed forces personnel were killed during the defense of the security post, and four others were injured, a statement for the armed forces said.
The statement assured that the armed forces are dutifully continuing their mission to uproot terrorism and maintain the security and safety of the homeland.
The Egyptian military has for years been waging a bloody insurgency against Islamist militants in Egypt. Violence escalated in 2013, following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi by the army.
Scores of Egyptian security personnel have been killed in attacks, primarily by militants from a local affiliate of the Islamic State group.
In 2018, Egyptian security forces launched a nationwide operation targeting militants, focusing on the restive North Sinai region.
According to army data, at least 845 suspected militants have been killed in the region along with more than 60 security personnel.