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  • Friday ,24 July 2020

Taking the risk

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,24 July 2020

Taking the risk

Life most of the time needs us to take the risk and not be afraid of trying new things or changing lifestyles, however, because humans always like stability and feel afraid of any change in his life, he lives stuck in the same routine forever. 

Risks sometimes bring big prizes and the only effort any one needs to do is to take the step and  not be afraid of losing what you have. Sometimes you can  t win big until you lose the small things that you are clinging to. 

Don  t be stubborn and afraid to take risks, risks in life are what gives its taste and I read one time in a book if you want to test the best things in life, live your life always in risk. 

I  m not asking you to risk your life but I  m asking you to risk the things that make you stuck in life and can  t even go forward one step. I”m asking you to take the risk that will liberate you from any constraints in your life.

Take the risk and don  t be coward,