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  • Tuesday ,04 August 2020

The apparitions of the Blessed Virgin

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Tuesday ,04 August 2020

The apparitions of the Blessed Virgin

 The Copts were very happy upon receiving news that the Holy Virgin had appeared in luminous form above the spire of her church in the Minya town of Deir Mawas located 320 km south of Cairo. Hundreds of people headed to the location to witness and be blessed by the exceptional event. Media reported the event and Bishop Aghabious of Dir Mawas appeared on television to explain the news..

Egypt has a long history with the manifestations of the Holy Virgin, which occupies a prominent position in historical references on Marian apparitions around the world over the last two centuries. As we record much zeal and delight and faith in the apparitions, we need to be very accurate and take all necessary measures and procedures to investigate and confirm any such incident, and to issue official statements that authenticate and recognize it. We need to realize that many people will receive such news with much doubt and accusations of using visual illusions or light tricks and trading on the event for personal benefits.
Many times did the church investigate a spiritual apparition and refused to recognize it because it couldn’t prove it. Such attitude assures the great value of such apparitions, and I hope an investigation will be opened soon concerning the spiritual apparition in Dir Mawas to prove or deny them.